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About Us

Inspired by FAMILY & driven by FAITH

Our Story

Every company has a story, but we like to think of ours as more of an adventure!

 From humble beginnings, the founding family of our company saw a need within the community for a contractor who was honest and fair while still providing high-quality services at reasonable prices. With a bit of courage and a whole lot of faith,

Montco Home Professionals was born.

Over time, our company had grown tremendously to the point that this "Mom and Pop" business went from providing handyman services in Ambler to working with homeowners and investors across several counties throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Featured on HGTV, our company was thriving, but our enjoyment was lacking. For this reason, we made the decision to return to our roots and downsized our operations so that we can fulfill the needs of our clients in a way that satisfies both us and them.

We recognize that the relationships we are building along the way are what make all of the difference! Any contractor can deliver remodeling projects of decent quality - but we want to connect with each individual, hear their vision, and tailor projects to make every house feel more like home for all who live there.


As we continue to transform the dynamics of our company, it is our promise to you that we consider your needs first and foremost. We strive to instill these values in each of our skilled tradespeople and laborers so that our focus remains consistent.

With roots in Philadelphia, our company's founding family also strives to "give back" to the impoverished communities that we previously called our home.  To further these efforts, MHP has begun a non-profit organization with the intention of building up these communities together. If you would like to know more about these efforts and how you can get involved, please ask us! We would love to share with you!

If you are looking for a contractor who will take the time to hear about your hopes and dreams for the space that you call home - you have come to the right place.

We are so very grateful to share this journey with each of you.

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